At Behavioral Healthcare Advisors (BHCA) we engage with clients as our partners- we are not just another consultant. As a partner, an Advisor will collaborate, establish the goals of the engagement, and develop a plan which will ensure a positive outcome for the client and ongoing success.

BHCA engages with organizations in a partnership model and integrates into the culture of the organization, unlike a consultant that may not ever understand or experience your culture.

Each service (partnership) we engage in is aligned with the experience and expertise available from the individual advisor.

 Services include: 

  • State and Federal Regulatory compliance (State Licensing, Joint Commission, CARF, ACHCA, CMS Medicare and Medicaid, AHCA, DEA, SAMSHA, Board of Pharmacies, Medical and Ancillary Service State Boards)
  • Human Resource Development and Training 
  • Environment of Care and Safety Assessment
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Risk Management and Sentinel Event Oversight
  • Documentation (Clinical)
  • Infection Control Plans 
  • Payer Contracting and Credentialing 
  • Clinical Program Development (Licensed Advisor)
  • Start-Up and De Novo Project Management (from the establishment of an idea until the first client)
  • Interim Behavioral Health Management (up to 6 months)
  • Acquisition and due diligence of organizations
  • Virtual, Off-Site Compliance Officer

Structure, risk, and size, are all key indicators of what a client’s compliance program should look like. Compliance must be integrated into the culture of an organization; either through a partnership with an organization like BHCA, or the hiring of a fulltime Corporate Compliance Officer.

BHCA provides small to mid-size organizations with compliance oversight and serves as the designated compliance officer. The Advisor we assign is responsible for all compliance concerns throughout licensing/accreditation, contracting, and payer audits.   Your Advisor acts as a representative of your company to liaise and manage any compliance or leadership concerns. The cost is significantly less than to have a full-time compliance officer but the benefits are immeasurable.

Defining the needs of the organization, industry, area of expertise, project scope, and assessment of how to ensure the best possible outcome, are all key determinants in selecting the right Advisor. A Senior Advisor is ultimately responsible for managing the project and will always be in regular contact with the client to ensure transparency and confirm goals are being met.

YES! Previous partnerships include clients in these industries: Revenue Cycle Management organizations, Management Service Organizations (MSO), Durable Medical Equipment, Physical and Occupational Therapy, Physician based and healthcare-focused practices, startups, and accreditation organizations.

A unique feature of BHCA is that the advisor will become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State where the services are provided. We see this especially beneficial to our startup clients, as the advisor serves as the Clinical Director while the licensing and accreditation process occurs. This model provides cost savings to the organization and a consistent point of contact until a full-time Clinical Director is established.

We work with single-site boutique companies and multi-site organizations, in addition to multiple licensing and accreditation organizations. In compliance-related matters, company size is only a factor when BHCA provides Corporate Compliance oversight – this occurs primarily for small to mid-size organizations.

As a partner, we incorporate a fixed price solution based on the pre-defined project or an ongoing monthly fee to provide consistent compliance oversight services. The goal is to ensure you have no surprises and we are always available when you need our expertise.

BCHA will provide a mutual non-disclosure agreement that protects both parties from any intended or unintended disclosures of confidential information.

We provide services throughout the country, in addition, our advisors can become licensed in the state the facility is located to assist in clinical oversight if requested.

  • Substance Abuse
  • Mental Health/Psychiatric
  • Durable Medical Equipment 
  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation
  • Level of Care and Modality:
    • Outpatient 
    • Acute Inpatient 
    • Practice Based 
    • Detoxification – Inpatient and Outpatient
    • Residential 
    • Partial Hospitalization
    • Intensive Outpatient
Work With Behavioral Healthcare Advisors
If you need to prepare for an audit, improve operational efficiency, become licensed or accredited, we can help. Nothing makes us happier than guiding our clients in the right direction, our advisors are on standby waiting for your call.